4 Benefits of Using Advanced Dental Imaging

4 Benefits of Using Advanced Dental Imaging

LA Imaging believes in the power of using Advanced Dental Imaging. There are many benefits that come with using high technology systems when getting x-rays and images taken. We have listed 4 of the benefits below to using Advanced Dental Imaging.

1. Better Accuracy

Everyone wants good teeth, and that means when you get an intraoral x ray done it is important to be assured you’re getting the most accurate results possible. The less accurate your tests are, the less accurate your treatment will be, and the higher the chances are of a misdiagnosis affecting the health of your teeth. This is where advanced dental imaging comes in – you can be assured that your results will be as accurate as possible rather than potentially incorrect and ultimately costing you more money in the long run. Rather than 2D images, 3D and other advanced dental imaging methods are able to show you things that might not be otherwise visible and this is crucial to getting the best dental care as fast as possible.

2. More in Depth than Other Methods

In a flat 2D image it’s impossible to see everything necessary to determine a diagnosis. However, a 3D image is able to show you an entire picture of the whole mouth and skull from every angle with the added benefit of exposing you to much less radiation. 2D images can be helpful for some things like detecting cavities, but the technology is almost useless for most other things, especially more complicated procedures like planning surgery. In other words, you get a detailed full picture with advanced dental imaging that is able to give you more information than what just a regular x ray can provide.

3. Safer

Traditional imaging methods expose you to much more radiation than advanced dental imaging methods. This is because traditional methods take a longer amount of time to complete and you have to be exposed multiple times to get a complete picture. Advanced dental imaging takes a fraction of the time so you’re exposed to less harmful radiation. With advanced dental imaging, you’re only exposed for about ten seconds compared to around 5-10 minutes for an x ray.

4. More Efficient

When compared to traditional x rays, the efficiency of advanced dental imaging is uncomparable. No one wants to spend more time than they need to getting medical tests or work done – advanced dental imaging cuts the amount of time you’re in office more than in half. This is especially beneficial for those who have tight schedules, such as working professionals and students, who need to be in and out as fast as possible. For those worried about cost, it’s also much more cost effective compared to going somewhere like a hospital. Another favorable aspect is that 3D images are much less intrusive, rather than needing to bite down on intra-oral sensors for an x ray, you simply have to sit there while a scan of your skull/teeth/jaw is taken.

If you are in need of any advanced dental imaging, ask your dentist about LA Imaging, or you can schedule an appointment at either our Beverly Hills or Encino today!