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A broad view of the jaws, teeth, sinuses, nasal area, and temporomandibular joint.

Your dentist may recommend a professional radiograph to you for a variety of situations. Panoramic X-Rays are quite common if there are suspected bone abnormalities, cysts, or infections that a regular radiograph cannot visualize. Should your dentist recommend Panoramic X-Ray, it would be best to take the matter seriously as it is an advanced dental imaging device.

Panoramic X-Ray is capable of showing your mouth in its entirety in one sitting, whereas standard dental radiographs require sticking plastic into your mouth multiple times. In essence, advanced dental imaging can simplify your experience as the manner in which it is conducted is “extraoral”, which means outside of your mouth. You do not have to bite down on any plastic material and only one image is taken instead of the traditional 7-18.

Although a Panoramic X-Ray is more versatile in visualizing your jaws, it is not the greatest radiograph for examining cavities or surface-level issues with your teeth. Thus, it is not common for patients to be recommended the advanced dental scan unless there is a specific need for it.

At LA Imaging, we understand the tremendous value of having advanced dental imaging for our patients. Local dentists recommend our services to their patients in Beverly Hills as well as in San Fernando Valley because our devices, staff and expertise are second to none in the county. We believe our service will provide your dentist with the best radiographs to determine your treatment.

LA Imaging is the #1 recommended Dental Imaging Center for dentists to recommend their patients to. We understand that radiographs can be uncomfortable for some, and our staff is trained to make your experience as enjoyable as possible so you can have healthy teeth. If you are in need of advanced dental imaging, ask your dentist about LA Imaging, or you can schedule an appointment at either our Beverly Hills or Encino today!

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