5 Tips To Maintain A Great Oral Health

It is as important to maintain great oral health as it is to maintain your overall health. People often have health issues that are secretly linked to their oral health without knowing it. Everyone wants a nice bright white pearly smile, it is important to understand it takes a lot of care to maintain a

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4 Benefits of Using Advanced Dental Imaging

LA Imaging believes in the power of using Advanced Dental Imaging. There are many benefits that come with using high technology systems when getting x-rays and images taken. We have listed 4 of the benefits below to using Advanced Dental Imaging. 1. Better Accuracy Everyone wants good teeth, and that means when you get an

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5 Reasons To Get Orthodontic Records

LA Imaging offers Los Angeles Orthodontics Records as part of a pre-treatment necessity. Pre-treatment records are important to determine facial growth patterns, confirm a diagnosis, and to plan a treatment. These Los Angeles Orthodontic Records may be taken more than once throughout the course of treatment with subsequent records taken to compare to initial records

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